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Other Artistic Roads

Welcome to my Other Artistic Road!  This page showcases my artwork through the years (even with some of my fave elementary pieces) with the most recent to date.  You can see the progression as time goes by.  You will find my artwork ranges in all mediums, from digital, pencil, and acrylic.  My inspiration and subject span from still life, cars, animals, nature, Portraits, etc.  

High School

sylwia stang (002).jpg
Dave theMustang

A good friend of mine ... her 'stang," who she affectionately calls "Dave".

created 01/18/23 with digital art

Cherry Bomb

My first realism piece when learning the ropes of digital art.  This was before I discovered my own personal art style, which I still continue to evolve.  Created 9/26/22 with digital art.

Cherry Porsche.jpg
Benz Pencil Drawing.JPG

Mercedes Benz C 300

Another friend's car, a homage to his Benz...

sadly... totaled!   

Created  9/20/22, pencil

She's my "beam" aLWAYS BY MY SIDE!  

Created 02/26/23,  digital art.

She's a Beam.jpg

She's My Beam!

Old Porsche Hand Drawn.jpg

Vintage Porsche

This was my first automotive drawing,  igniting my passion for drawing classic cars.  Created 8/16/22,  pencil.

Butter Me Up!

This was during the pandemic/lockdowns trying to keep busy... experimenting with different colors and techniques. 

Created 4/24/21, Acrylic

Fox 9th grade 2019.jpg

Beyond the Trees

Yet another lockdown picture using different colors and techniques, this time with water paint and pen. 

Created 10/21/2020, Waterpaint and pen

Covid Chaos 2021.jpeg

Covid Chaos

This was during the height of the lockdowns with remote "learning".  Everyday was groundhog's day.  Can you spot the  the little inuedoes and symbolism everywhere on my desk. 

Created 5/10/21, Pen

Colorful Ocean 2021.jpg

Rise to the Occasion

Another painting I created during the height of the lockdowns.  a happy, peaceful scene to escape from what we have become as a nation.

Created 4/10/20, Acrylic

Google Doodle.jpg

Unlimited Beginnings

I joined the #Doodle4Google scholarship Drawing contest, and this was my entry.

This drawing represents how every day is a new day to take new breaths whilst learning new things, growing, and spreading love everywhere I go.  Created 3/14/23, Digital Art

Daily Sights of a Commuter.jfif

On my way home from school, sketching with a simple black pen.  Created  1/14/22, Pen

Daily Sights
of a

My Mother the Bride

This sketch is from my mother & Father's wedding album.  it was a mother's day present drawn for my mama as a surprise. Tears were flowing with joy!  created 5/5/21 with pencil

Mama Bride.jpg

Middle School

Summer Colors 2019.jpg

Summer Reflections

sunset by rye beach

created  6/14/2019, Acrylic paint

Rainbow Connection

Everyone's favorite frog, Kermit.  Core memory from my younger years.

created  4/10/2019, Acrylic paint

Kermit 8th grade 2019.jpg

Not So Secret

Iron Man 2018.jpg

One of my favorite sketches. Iron Man 

created  1/27/2019, pencil

Autumn Breeze

lyons park walkway .... 

Created  10/25/2018, Arcylic paint

Autumn Breeze 2018.jpg

Keyboard Reflections

Lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph .... 

Created  11/02/2018, Pencil

Boy Sunglasses 2018.jpg

Acoustic Vibrations

Dallon Weekes, Bassist .... 

Created  08/17/2018, Pencil

Acoustic Guitar Player 2018.jpg
Blonde Band Singer 2018.jpg

The Drummer

Inspiration from the band Set it off .... 

Created  10/25/2018, Colored Pencils

Kittitian Sunset

Inspiration from  our  "summer home" of St . Kitts, Marriott Beach

Created  08/302017, Acrylic Paint

St Kitts Sunset 2017.jpg
Boy Band Member 2018.jpg

Pensive Thoughts

Brendon urie, singer

Created  08/17/2018, Pencil

Owl July 2016.jpg

Midnight Owl

Guided art lesson...

Created  06/21/2017, Acrylic

Making the Jump

One of my interests in middle school was Equestrian Horse Jumping ....

Created  07/7/2017, Pencil

Horse 7uth Grade 2017.jpg

Spring's Sweet Blossoms

Cherry Tree 2017_edited.jpg

Inspiration from  the Chinese Cherry  blossom painting, 7th grade art class, Mrs. Swan 

Created 04/12/2017,


Elementary & nursery school

Dotted Waves

Dotted Waves 7th grade 2917.jpg

the assignment was to show a Contrast  between

hot and cold colors 

5th grade art class, Mrs. Swan 

Created 04/10/2015, Acrylic

Light Beyond the Trees

the assignment was to focus on an object that was beyond the main subject.  In this case  it was the sun not the birch trees.

4th grade art class,

Mrs. Swan 

Created 2014 Acrylic

Birch Tree 4th grade 2014.jpg

Abstract Color Burst


2nd GrADE

art class, Mrs. Swan 

Created 2014 Acrylic

Color Burst 2nd grade 2012.jpg

My First Bouquet

Floral Vase 2010 Preschool.jpg

3 YRS. OLD when I did this! 

Wild orange daylilies!


Created 2008

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